Boris Johnson on EU Superstate 2016 Prediction

How World News relates to God’s PLAN and Purpose

How World News relates to God’s PLAN and Purpose

EU snub: Boris Johnson’s terrifying European superstate warning – ‘UK can’t stop it!’

THE EUROPEAN UNION has advocated for closer integration between member states in recent years, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned in 2016 that he believed Brussels was trying to form a superstate of Europe’s nations, and even said the UK was powerless to stop it from within the bloc.

Boris Johnson on EU Superstate 2016 PredictionIn his article for the Telegraph in March 2016, Mr Johnson claimed that while the EU denied it was attempting to create a “superstate”, its persistent push for increased integration translated to a system whereby Europe is ruled by ‘Five Presidents’. Referring to the European Council, Commission, Parliament Central Bank and a body called the European Stability Mechanism, Mr Johnson warned the EU wanted to create an “all-out economic Government of Europe.”

Mr Johnson added: “They want a euro-area treasury, with further pooling of tax and budgetary policy. They want to harmonise insolvency law, company law, property rights, social security systems – and there is no way the UK can be unaffected by this process.

“So even though Britain is out of the euro, there is nothing we can do to stop our friends from using ‘single market’ legislation to push forward centralising measures that will help prop up the euro (or so they imagine), by aligning EU economic, social and fiscal policies.”

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Then Mayor of London, Mr Johnson argued the EU had evolved from its purely economic influence into a over-politicised body, leading to influence in countries’ internal affairs.

He added: “We will find ourselves dragged along willy-nilly, in spite of all protestations to the contrary.

“So-called ‘Single Market’ measures affect us as much as they affect the eurozone – and the question therefore is what we mean by ‘Single Market’.

EU news: Johnson warned that the UK couldn’t stop further integration

“The answer is a mystery – because the single market has changed beyond recognition.” Read more