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Does God Exist?


GOD DOES EXIST! Who is God and how can we get to know him? “… anyone who comes to him [God] must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” (Heb. 11:6). A tall order for the atheist admittedly – but the Bible gives us plenty of convincing evidence that

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The Rapture is not True Bible Teaching

The Rapture – True or False?

The Rapture – True or False? There are many books available today which state that the Bible speaks of a time when a certain group of people, will experience a removal from the planet earth to enjoy a blissful experience with Christ in heaven.  This period is known as the Rapture. While this is taking place

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No such thing as a supernatural devil

Is the Devil a Supernatural Being?

Is the Devil a Supernatural Being? Many religions believe there is a monster called the Devil or Satan, who is the originator of all problems and is responsible for the sins we commit. But the Bible teaches that God is all-powerful and that the Angels cannot sin. This means it is impossible that there is

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The Gospel Message of Christ

Gospel Message of the Bible

Gospel Message of the Bible Summary of the Teaching of the Gospel or Good News of the Kingdom of God as taught by Christ. This is God’s Purpose on this earth with many as will believe in Him. The Gospel, as believed by all True Bible Followers of Christ, is listed herein in an orderly,

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Only ONE Bible Hope

There Is Only ONE Bible Hope

There Is Only ONE Bible Hope Since the time man discovered that the earth was round and not flat like many experts had believed it was, men have been reluctant to just accept traditional beliefs that are not supported by some sort of proof. As a result many would be quick to suggest that man

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Glad Tidings Magazine

How Confident is your Faith?

How Confident is your Faith? We all have faith. Not everybody recognises this, but it’s true. We can’t exist without faith. When you go out in the morning, you have faith that the bus will turn up, or the car will start. You have faith that the shops will be open. If you had no

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True of False Teaching?

Is Satan a fallen Angel?

Mainstream Churches would have us believe that there is an superhuman evil force at work in this world and that this is due to a ‘fallen angel’, but is this true? Where in the Bible does it teach us this? Well there is only one passage in the Bible that those who believe such a

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Christ on the cross


Mel Gibson’s film: The Passion of the Christ has brought the horrors of Roman floggings and crucifixion back into the public eye. But why did Jesus really have to die? When our thoughts turn to the cross of Christ what sort of mental picture do we have? Do we see the cross as something ennobling and glorious?

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