Bible Questions and Answers

Bible Questions and Answers Book

Bible Questions and Answers Book



The only way to become a true Christian is to believe and be baptized into Christ. (See Galatians 3:27). The basis for baptism is individual repentance, and faith in God and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

But before we can be baptized we must also understand the teaching of the Bible and believe it. (See Acts 8:12). This booklet is to help you do this.

Each section contains one or more numbered (1, 2, 3) questions. And each question has lettered (a, b, c) model answers. The answers are NOT multiple choice or alternative – ALL the answers given are possible, and the more answers the student can give the better.

How to Use This Booklet

Don’t rush

Do not try to rush your study of the Bible. Many people need to study the Bible for at least a year or two before they understand it well enough to make a commitment which will affect the rest of their life. If you have already been studying the Bible for a long time, you may be able to work through this booklet within a few months.

Make the effort

Work hard at your Bible study. It is worth making a big effort, because eternal life is a big prize. Be prepared to spend at least half an hour a day — every day — reading the Bible and thinking about what you have read.

Take one question at a time

Read the question and the answer. Then turn up the Bible passages quoted in the answer.  If you are sure that you understand these, and that you agree with the answer, then you can turn to the next question.

Ask if you do not understand

Perhaps you will not understand some of the Bible passages, or perhaps you will not agree with some of the answers given. If so, please ask your Christadelphian Bible teacher about them. He or she is always ready to help you.

Study with a friend

If possible, try to study the Bible in company with other people. You will be able to help each other, and will make faster progress that way.

Read Your Bible daily

As well as working through this booklet, you should read one or more chapters of the Bible each day. The best way to do this is by following a daily program of readings such as given in other booklets; The Bible Companion – or Calendar (all the Bible in 1 year, with the New Testament read twice), or in simplified version The Bible Reading Planner.   DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE