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The Race of Life

The Race of Life The world of the First Century, when the New Testament was written, was in many ways very much like today’s world. For example, people loved to watch athletics and First Century athletes were stars, just like today! Bible writers often used pictures from everyday life that were designed to catch the […]



THE REAL JESUS True Christian faith is centred around the work of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. His life, death and resurrection form the basis for God’s plan of salvation. It is vital to understand the real reason for Jesus Christ, his true status as Son of God and how we can […]


The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life Throughout time, men and women have asked the big question:   ❖  What is this life all about?   ❖  Is there a purpose or meaning to it? To answer these questions, we can turn to the Bible message and see that it is still relevant to us living in the […]


The LOGIC of Faith

The LOGIC of Faith The LOGIC of Faith – The Inspiration of Scripture Inspiration The Evidence of Peter The Evidence of the Prophets How God revealed Himself through Prophets Balaam – Jeremiah – Amos Visions and Events Style Conclusion Inspiration To anyone studying the Bible it is of vital importance to know where the ideas in the Bible came […]


Checkmate Putin Has The West Cornered

Checkmate Putin Has The West Cornered By Michael Bociurkiw  Updated 0056 GMT (0856 HKT) December 22, 2021 Putin blames West for tensions amid fears of Russian invasion of Ukraine 02:47 (CNN) As 2022 nears, the West is trying to figure out Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next move on a complex geopolitical chessboard — and preparing an “aggressive package” of […]


There Is Only One Bible Hope!

There Is Only One Bible Hope! Introduction Since the time man discovered that the earth was round and not flat like many experts had believed it was, men have been reluctant to just accept traditional beliefs that are not supported by some sort of proof. As a result, many would be quick to suggest that […]


Reliability of the Gospel Records

Reliability of the Gospel Records There is considerable evidence that the Gospels are a reliable record of the events that they describe. This evidence was broken into two main kinds, internal and external. The internal evidence relies on nothing outside the Bible, but can be seen entirely from the text itself. The external evidence involves […]


Postmodernism vs The Bible and Truth

Postmodernism vs. The Bible and Truth The Western media is full of an ideology called “Postmodernism”, but how does this stack up against the Bible’s teaching on “Truth”? The ‘Postmodern’ Worldview Post modernism is hard to define. It is a movement, a mood, a world view which has been gaining popularity in the last 30 years. […]


How to Read the Bible Effectively

How to Read the Bible Effectively How to Start Reading the Bible There is something to be realised right at the beginning. You cannot read the Bible in the way you might read some other books. The Bible is unique and it is good to recognise it right at the start. There is nothing like […]



ENGLISH BIBLE HISTORY English Bible History The fascinating story of how we got the Bible in its present form actually starts thousands of years ago, as briefly outlined in our Timeline of Bible Translation History. As a background study, we recommend that you first review our discussion of the Pre-Reformation History of the Bible from 1,400 B.C. […]



HISTORY OF THE BIBLE History of the Bible Timeline Trace the History of Scripture from Creation to Current Day Translations By Mary Fairchild, Guide Israel Museum in Jerusalem displays part of the Isaiah Scroll, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Bible is reported to be the biggest bestseller of all time, and its history […]


Preparation of the Russian Dragon

Preparation of the Russian Dragon The Re-Christianization of Russia, long looked for by Bible Students, is evident in the news today. Russia is the latter day Dragon of Revelation described as working in concert with Europe and the Papacy in bringing the nations to Armageddon. It’s activity is also described in the prophets who paint […]



JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING! The Bible says that “God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness…” This day will come with the Return of Christ to the Earth. Are you ready for Christ’s Return? Are you prepared for the day of your judgement and the judgement of this World? No […]


Britain and the European Union in Bible Prophecy

Britain and the European Union Britain’s inevitable separation from Europe was long expected Although the British political establishment tried to weld that country to what is in reality a Roman Catholic dominated Europe, that did not ultimately succeed. Bible prophecy clearly demonstrates that the battle over so-called ‘Brexit’ would end just as it did with Britain being […]


Bible Teaching About Speaking In Tongues

Bible Teaching About Speaking In Tongues DAY OF PENTECOST The Day of Pentecost spoken of in Acts 2 has become an inspiration for many. It was a significant event in the formation of the early followers of Christ and was prominent in the spread of the gospel message to other lands. It was on this […]