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Trump brokers historic Israel and UAE deal for peace and prosperity

Israel UAE Peace DealPresident Trump on August 13 2020 at the White House announces a historic agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to normalize relations and advance peace in the Middle East.(© Andrew Harnik/AP Images)

President Trump has brokered a historic deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, normalizing relations between the two countries and laying a foundation for peace in the Middle East.

“Our vision is one of peace, security, and prosperity — in this region, and in the world,” Trump said in an August 13 statement announcing the agreement, the first of its kind in more than 25 years.

Under the agreement, the UAE and Israel will cooperate in fields including education, health care, energy, trade and security. The countries will exchange ambassadors, establish embassies, and open direct flights, allowing pilgrims from throughout the Muslim world to visit holy sites in Israel.

Trump worked with the parties to identify shared interests and opportunities, the White House said.

In a joint statement, Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Mohammed Bin Zayed say they are confident similar breakthroughs between Middle East nations are possible and will work to achieve that goal.

“Opening direct ties between two of the Middle East’s most dynamic societies and advanced economies will transform the region by spurring economic growth, enhancing technological innovation, and forging closer people-to-people relations,” the leaders say.

The landmark deal comes after the White House in June 2019 unveiled a $50 billion “Peace to Prosperity” plan to create jobs for the Palestinian people and promote investment in the region.

U.S. officials say the new agreement is the most significant step toward peace in the Middle East in two and a half decades, and that those similar past efforts have had major impacts. The UAE is the third Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt in 1978 and Jordan in 1994.

This is yet another indication of the remarkable Alliance in the Middle East that see ms to be having an affect on the search for 'Peace'.  From other news we have seen about a remarkable New Alliance emerging in the Middle East between Egypt, Israel and the Southern Arab Gulf States this is all pointing to Bible Students expectation that Egypt along with the southern Arab Nations will support Israel in the latter days making up the King of the South based on Bible Prophecy. 

So again we can see that there are a number of movements underway with the aim of trying to bring PEACE in the Middle East.

According to Bible Prophecy the Biblical King of the South will see an alignment between Egypt with Israel along with the Arab Gulf States who are largely the descendants of Ishmael the son of Abraham by his wife's maid Hagar (Genesis 16:3). The King of the South will oppose aggression from Russia and the EU.  They will be supported by America and Britain.

Yet again we see that current news is portraying movements towards the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible falling into place before our very eyes.  See this article to learn more about this and the latter day prophecies of the Bible.

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