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Russian voters overwhelmingly back a ploy by President Vladimir Putin to rule until 2036

By Nathan Hodge and Mary Ilyushina, CNN Updated 0834 GMT (1634 HKT) July 2, 2020

Some Russian voters back a ploy by Putin to rule until 2036

Moscow (CNN) President Vladimir Putin has won a resounding victory in his bid to stay in power until the middle of the next decade, as Putin for lifeRussians voted overwhelmingly to endorse the country's political status quo, according to preliminary results.

Russians went to the polls Wednesday to cast ballots in a nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments. The vote paves the way for Putin, who has ruled for two decades, to remain president until 2036.

Campaign literature made little mention of the real purpose of the referendum, framing it as a return to old-fashioned family values, designed to appeal to conservative voters.

"Our country, our constitution, our decision" was the slogan on the information bulletin explaining the constitutional reform to voters. The brochure spelled out a range of amendments, including a provision that defines marriage strictly as a "union of a man and a woman."

Russian President Vladimir Putin votes at a polling station in Moscow on Wednesday.

But the brochure glosses over one key point: The changes to the constitution effectively reset the clock on Putin's term limits, allowing him to seek two more six-year terms when his presidency ends in 2024.

It's little surprise, then, that the government has pushed a robust get-out-the-vote effort, with a very clear goal: ensuring the public gives a resounding endorsement to the constitutional change.

The preliminary results made that clear. Russia's Central Election Commission on Wednesday night released a tally after processing 50% of ballots, saying 76.24% of the citizens who voted supported the amendments.

Other Russians posted photos on social media from polling stations of ballots checked NYET (no). A few hundred people gathered for a small demonstration at Pushkin Square in central Moscow, a favorite rallying point for opposition protests. One demonstrator there held a sign that read: "Putin Forever?"

In a post on Instagram, Lola Nordic, a DJ and feminist activist from St. Petersburg, was blunt.

"Today I am voting against Putin's constitutional amendments which he created to be able to reign here for another 16 years," she wrote. "I am soooo f**king tired of this sh*t."

But the message of Wednesday's vote is clear: Putin is going nowhere. In a video posted on Telegram, Ramzan Kadyrov, the strongman leader of the Chechen Republic, said openly that Putin should be made "president for life."

For now, Putin's presidency looks likely to end in 2036, when he will turn 84.


True Bible Students are not surprised at this and in fact Putin is exactly the type of leader we expect to see in Russia at the time of the end prior to Christ's Return when he will intervene in the final conflict of man.  So we fully expect to see him or someone just like him in power when Christ returns.

Putin is GogAccording to Bible Prophecy the Leader of Russia at the time of the End is called "Gog" ie. a chief one a strong and authoritarian ruler just like Putin.  So if he stays in power for life he could well be the one that will bring Russia and Europe down into the Middle East in fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

Putin is very much fitting the description of 'Gog' as all news articles today paint him as a leader to be feared, an Authoritarian Leader not to be messed with.  Gog will develop a close relationship with the EU whereby Gog will become a "guard" unto the EU. 

Gog is also spoken of militarily as the "King of the North".  Together the Bible says that Gog and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible. 

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