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Vladimir Putin Positions Himself to Become Russia’s Eternal Leader

By Joshua Yaffa Published: 14th March 2020

Putin eternal rulerA proposed constitutional amendment in Russia could see Vladimir Putin, already twenty years in power, extend his Presidency to 2036.Photograph by Chine Nouvelle / Sipa / Shutterstock

To write about Russia for a living is, to an unavoidable degree, to be in the business of analyzing the thoughts, decisions, and machinations of one man, Vladimir Putin—which, inevitably, means often getting it wrong. The latest unexpected turn in Russian politics came on Tuesday, when, in a tragicomic bit of political theatre, Valentina Tereshkova, a former Soviet cosmonaut and a member of Russia’s parliament, stood to offer an amendment to the country’s constitution. The proposal put forward by Tereshkova, who was clearly put up to the job, was simple and brazen: to reset Putin’s time as the President to zero, granting him the chance to run again in 2024, when his current, fourth term is set to end. “Given his enormous authority, this would be a stabilizing factor for our society,” she declared.

It is now clear that Putin will keep his hold on power not through sleight of hand or constitutional trickery. Rather, he will do so in the most blunt and straightforward way: by simply staying in the same job that he’s held for twenty years (not counting the short and ultimately insignificant interregnum led by Dmitry Medvedev) for another fifteen. If he stays on as President through 2036, when he’ll be eighty-three, he’ll have bested even Joseph Stalin for the number of years in power. (Stalin ruled for twenty-nine; Putin has the prospect of thirty-six.)


True Bible Students are not surprised at this and in fact Putin is exactly the type of leader we expect to see in Russia at the time of the end prior to Christ's Return when he will intervene in the final conflict of man.  So we fully expect to see him or someone just like him in power when Christ returns.

Putin is GogAccording to Bible Prophecy the Leader of Russia at the time of the End is called "Gog" ie. a chief one a strong and authoritarian ruler just like Putin.  So if he stays in power for life he could well be the one that will bring Russia and Europe down into the Middle East in fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

Putin is very much fitting the description of 'Gog' as all news articles today paint him as a leader to be feared, an Authoritarian Leader not to be messed with.  Gog will develop a close relationship with the EU whereby Gog will become a "guard" unto the EU. 

Gog is also spoken of militarily as the "King of the North".  Together the Bible says that Gog and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible. 

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