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The Most Significant Moment in Modern British History

Nigel Farage hails Brexit as 'the most significant moment in modern British history' as he addresses jubilant crowds in Parliament Square • Arch-Brexiteer whipped up jubilant crowds in Parliament Square on Friday night • His 25-year mission to take Britain out of the EU was finally realised at 11pm • In a speech to his army of Leave supporters he lambasted the 'establishment' By JACK ELSOM FOR BREXIT at lastMAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:09 AEDT, 1 February 2020 | UPDATED: 11:12 AEDT, 1 February 2020 Nigel Farage has hailed Brexit as 'the greatest moment in the modern history of our great nation' as his 25-year mission to take Britain out of the EU was finally realised. The arch-Brexiteer whipped up jubilant crowds in Parliament Square on Friday night moments before the historic divorce from the bloc, drawing a line under 47 years of membership. In a rabble-rousing speech to his army of Leave supporters, he said: 'This is something that I fought for - for 27 years and something that many thousands of you gave your time and money for. 'We faced an established that didn't even want to listen to us. An establishment that never wanted that referendum to take place.

'An establishment that tried for three and a half years to frustrate the will of the greatest democratic mandate ever seen.' He added: 'The people have beaten the establishment. The real winner tonight is democracy. 'Let us celebrate tonight as we have never done before. This is the greatest moment in the modern history of our great nation.' 

Nigel Farage is fully correct in this statement, but it is also much more than this.

BREXIT is the greatest sign of the near return of Christ that we have seen since the establishment of the Nation of Israel.   It is truly a great fulfilment of Bible Prophecy spoken over 2,500 years ago.


Whats more, Bible Students fully expect to see the UK and the USA come close together with the UK leading the Commonwealth Nations as the KING OF THE SOUTH against the EU and RUSSIA. We will see this develop following BREXIT. Bible Prophecy is very clear on the fact that Britain will be a major global politically leader at the time with Russia and the EU invade the Middle East.  Britain will assume this role following BREXIT along with the Commonwealth Countries (and America who is also of British origin) make up the King of the South (along with Israel, Eqypt and the Gulf Arab Nations) at the time of the end that will move to stop Russia and Europe from invading the Middle East.

God has declared the End from the Beginning and the Bible (God's Word) revealed that Britain would not be part of the EU when Christ Returns to Earth, and World Events have conspired to ensure that has now happened. But we need to keep watching this development as there is much to see yet as Britain takes her place once more on the World Political Stage.

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So yet again we see the hand of God at work in the nations to ensure that His purpose unfolds on the earth.  Britain has now voted to leave the EU and will rebuild her ties with the Commonwealth Block.  Together they will challenge the rise of Russia and the EU and their influence in the Middle East. 

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