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Germany and Britain drift apart in effort to cool Iran tensions

By PATRICK DONAHUE | Bloomberg | Published: July 31, 2019

UK vs Germany vs USAThe unified European approach to resolving tensions in the Persian Gulf showed signs of strain, with senior German officials warning that the United Kingdom may be drifting closer to an American-led operation that had previously been rebuffed by governments in Paris and London.

While Germany stands by its resistance to use military forces to protect shipping in the region, Boris Johnson's rise to become British prime minister last week could put the European Union's stance in jeopardy.

"The new government appears to have changed course to align with the Americans," Johann Wadephul, a lawmaker with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, said in an interview. "The U.S. is pursuing a completely different path than the one we are," said the senior member on the foreign affairs committee, citing comments by Johnson's foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, that he said undermined any EU initiative.

Raab told The Times over the weekend that any EU naval mission wouldn't be "viable" without U.S. support. On Monday, he told BBC radio that he wanted as broad a coalition as possible.

Simmering tensions with Iran involving attacks on tankers and drones is driving a wedge between the U.S. and its European allies, with the U.K. and France last week essentially opting out of the U.S.-backed "Operation Sentinel." EU governments last week floated an alternative European maritime initiative separate from the American project.

Germany doubled down on its position and all but ruled out a new U.S. request to help secure the vital shipping artery through the Persian Gulf.

Forget Merkel and EU - team up with Trump to crack down on Iran - poll

THE UK has been urged by readers to turn its back on Angela Merkel and the EU to instead team up with Donald Trump in the fight to crack down on dangerous aggression from Iran.

By PAUL WITHERS  PUBLISHED:12:47, Thu, Aug 1, 2019

In the latest poll, readers were asked: “Should the UK side with Angela Merkel or Donald Trump against Iran?” The poll, which ran from 4.20pm on Tuesday July 29 until 9.30am on Wednesday, July 31, saw 5,290 votes cast, with readers over whelmingly urging Britain to side with US President. More than three quarters (81.44 percent or 4,308 people) voted for the UK to team up with the US, while just 7.79 percent (412 readers) said Britain should join forces with Ms Merkel the rest of Europe.

TWO articles that already begin to show how Britain will join America to stand against Iran's aggression.  Bible Students fully expect to see the UK become a world leader following BREXIT. Bible Prophecy is very clear on the fact that Britain will be a major global politically leader at the time with Russia and the EU invade the Middle East.  Britain will assume this role following BREXIT along with the Commonwealth Countries (and America who is also of British origin) make up the King of the South (along with Israel, Eqypt and the Gulf Arab Nations) at the time of the end that will move to stop Russia and Europe from invading the Middle East.

God has declared the End from the Beginning and the Bible (God's Word) revealed that Britain would not be part of the EU when Christ Returns to Earth, and World Events have conspired to ensure that has now happened. But we need to keep watching this development as there is much to see yet as Britain takes her place once more on the World Political Stage.

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So yet again we see the hand of God at work in the nations to ensure that His purpose unfolds on the earth.  Britain has now voted to leave the EU and will rebuild her ties with the Commonwealth Block.  Together they will challenge the rise of Russia and the EU and their influence in the Middle East. 

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Britain a Trading Nation Again