U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’


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U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’

U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’

Ambassador David M. Friedman, standing next to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, spoke at an event commemorating the anniversary of the United States Embassy move to Jerusalem.CreditCreditGil Cohen-Magen/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

US Ambass and NetenyahuBy David M. Halbfinger  Published: May 14, 2019

JERUSALEM — The United States ambassador to Israel, a driving force in crafting the Trump administration’s long-awaited proposal to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, declared Tuesday that Israel was “on the side of God.”

Speaking at a celebration sponsored by an American evangelical group to mark the anniversary of the move of the United States embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, Ambassador David M. Friedman said that Israel was gaining strength for two reasons.

First, he said, the relationship between the two countries was growing “stronger and stronger and stronger.”

“And the second is that Israel has one secret weapon that not too many countries have,” Mr. Friedman added. “Israel is on the side of God, and we don’t underestimate that.”

The remark reflected a common belief among evangelical Christians, but was also the latest sign of an anything but evenhanded approach to the conflict by the Trump administration.

In addition to moving the embassy to Jerusalem, a move seen as partial to Israel in the dispute over the city’s sovereignty, the administration has made deep cuts in aid to the Palestinians and stopped referring to the West Bank as “occupied.”

Mr. Friedman seemed to acknowledge as much moments later, rattling off a litany of other moves the administration has made that broke with precedent in Israel’s favor, including punishing the Palestinians by closing their diplomatic mission in Washington and merging the formerly independent Jerusalem consulate, which had exclusively dealt with the Palestinians, with the embassy.

Still, the remark set off new howls of criticism, with Palestinians complaining that Mr. Friedman was representing the interests of Israel’s right-wing government more than those of the United States. Even one of Mr. Friedman’s predecessors called the statement out of bounds.

While many Christians would agree with the US Ambassador's commebnt, this article continues to highlight what has and continues to remain a challenging situation to find Middle East Peace.  This comes as we also see a growing alliance between the southern Middle Eastern Countries.  This is not a surprise to Bible Students as it is fully expected that Egypt along with the southern Arab Nations will support Israel in the latter days making up the King of the South based on Bible Prophecy. 

So this current article will one day soon see a movement develop towards PEACE in the Middle East.

According to Bible Prophecy the Biblical King of the South will see an alignment between Egypt with Israel along with the Arab Gulf States who are largely the descendants of Ishmael the son of Abraham by his wife's maid Hagar (Genesis 16:3). The King of the South will oppose aggression from Russia and the EU.  They will be supported by America and Britain.

Yet again we see that current news is portraying movements towards the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible falling into place before our very eyes.  See this article to learn more about this and the latter day prophecies of the Bible.

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