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EU THREAT: Germany risks UK and US FURY by calling for EU-Russia talks

GERMAN industry has demanded the European Union reopen business talks with Russia - just nine months after relations between Britain and the Kremlin collapsed in the wake of the Skripal poisoning.

By HARVEY GAVIN  PUBLISHED: 17:15, Fri, Jan 11, 2019

EU Russia TalksA major German business group is calling for EU-Russia relations to resume (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

German business group the Eastern Committee has called on Berlin to develop contacts with Russia with a view to reviving relations with Vladimir Putin’s government. In a wish list of aims for German-Russian relations, the group said it hopes to start holding an annual EU-Russia summit again and resume bilateral talks with Moscow.

It also proposes a "common economic space" between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union, which is dominated by Russia both economically and politically, Der Spiegel reports.

The group’s request comes five years after the EU summit was scrapped in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

And just nine months ago in March, two Russians identified by British police as secret service operatives carried out a deadly nerve agent attack on the streets of Salisbury.

The Eastern Committee, officially the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, represents around 200 businesses including some listed on Frankfurt’s DAX stock exchange.

The Eastern Committee is hoping to increase cooperation with Vladimir Putin's Russia.

In a position paper on future relations with Russia, the group said it would now be “very help ful” to stake steps aimed at thawing relations with Russia, according to Der Spiegel.

It identifies 15 "strategic topics" where Germany and Russia could cooperate more closely, including the digital economy and energy policy.

What we know from Bible Prophecy is that the EU will become a SUPERSTATE with a dominant FEDERAL GOVERNMENT described in the Bible as a Beast System due to its amalgamation of different countries and peoples into one State with one Voice and their own ARMY.  BUT ALONG WITH THIS development RUSSIA WILL BECOME INVOLVED WITH EUROPE AND IT'S EU ARMY.  WHY? BECAUSE BIBLE PROPHECY SAYS THAT RUSSIA WILL BECOME A "GUARD" UNTO EUROPE (Ezekiel 38:7).  So how will this unfold, well America and its future political moves with Europe will have a lot to do with how this happens.  We would expect America's relationship with Europe to weaken and Russia's to become increasingly stronger.

So WATCH this development as it is a sure sign that we are living in the last days before Christ's Return.  

This EU SUPERSTATE will along with Russia enter into a final conflict with Israel and the Middle East.  Germany is the key country in what Bible Prophecy refers to as the land of "Magog". The Land of MagogThey are spoken of militarily as the "King of the North".  Together the Bible says that Russia and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.  So Bible Students expect to see Germany and France taking a greater role in leading Europe.  It is also interesting to see Germany taking greater control of a continent they tried to take by war and failed.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible. 

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