Trump weighs withdrawal of military from Germany


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Trump weighs withdrawal of military from Germany

Auf Wiedersehen troops? Trump weighs up options for a potential large scale withdrawal of military from Germany amid growing tensions with Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • Trump and MerkelTrump is said to be weighing options to pull US troops from Germany amid tensions with Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • He also expressed frustrations at NATO allies for insufficient defense spending
  • Some European officials are concerned over possible US troop movements  


PUBLISHED: 00:48 AEST, 2 July 2018 | UPDATED: 07:00 AEST, 2 July 2018

The Defense Department is looking at a large scale withdrawal of US troops from Germany after growing tensions between President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  

The Washington Post reports that Trump was taken aback by the number of US troops in the country, which is currently around 35,000 and is said to have complained that other countries were not paying enough to NATO.  

Some European officials are said to alarmed at the possibility of US troop movements and wonder whether it is merely a negotiating tactic ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels.

Trump is expected to criticize US allies for insufficient defense spending during the summit.   

Additionally some US officials have also tried to dissuade Trump from taking action.

The US currently has 35,000 troops in Germany and Trump has repeatedly said he is displeased with NATO allies failing to spend their two per cent GDP on defense 

However, US officials, who spoke to the Post said that thus far the exercise is still in the internal exploration phase and no military brass is involved as of yet. 

Trump has also frequently vented his frustrations that NATO members are failing to abide by the two per cent GDP defense-spending level and has threatened to pull out of the 29-member alliance on multiple occasions.

The National Security Council said it had not asked for a formal analysis on repositioning troops: 'The Pentagon continuously evaluates US troop deployments,' a statement from the NSC said, according to The Post. 

The statement added that the 'analysis exercises' were 'not out of the norm.'

'The Pentagon regularly reviews force posture and performs cost-benefit analyses,' Eric Pahon, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said in a statement. 

'This is nothing new. Germany is host to the largest US force presence in Europe, we remain deeply rooted in the common values and strong relationships between our countries. We remain fully committed to our NATO ally and the NATO alliance.'

Despite the statement from the NSC, Trump has said he disagrees with continuing the US's participation in NATO. 

'My statement on NATO being obsolete and disproportionately too expensive (and unfair) for the U.S. are now, finally, receiving plaudits,' Trump took to Twitter in 2016.

Tensions between Trump and Chancellor Merkel escalated during the G-7 summit last month.  

Trump reportedly threw Starburst candies to Angela Merkel during the summit as the German Chancellor pressured him to sign a joint statement.

Trump initially resisted signing the statement but later agreed, pulling the candies from his suit pocket and saying: 'Here, Angela. Don't say I never give you anything'.

The President later changed his mind a second time, ordering his advisers not to sign the communique during an angry Twitter outburst. 

Wow!  Who would have ever believed such a thing as this would happen?  Just 3 years ago America and Europe were a cosy as they had been for the last 50 + years. But now under President Trump things are changing fast.  This is exactly what Bible Students expect to see happen based on Bible Prophecy.  There must be a break down in the past relationship between Europe and America for Europe to move into the sphere of a new relationship with Russia as the Bible Predicts and has done so for over2500yrs in Bible Prophecy that is continuing to be played out in Current World Events.  So yes, yet another article that highlights the issue of the challenge that is facing NATO.  This article highlights yet again the fulfilment of Bible Prophecy spoken 2500 years ago.  The Bible reveals that The EU will become a SUPERSTATE with a dominant FEDERAL GOVERNMENT described in the Bible as a Beast System due to its amalgamation of different countries and peoples into one State with one Voice.  Along with this development we expect to see Russia become more involved in Europe with links to a combined army, yes NATO will come to an end and Russia will end up militarily linked to this EU ARMY.  But Russia will never join the EU as Putin will never give up Russia's sovereignty.

So WATCH this development as it is a sure sign that we are living in the last days before Christ's Return.  

This EU SUPERSTATE will along with Russia enter into a final conflict with Israel and the Middle East.  Germany is the key country in what Bible Prophecy refers to as the land of "Magog". The Land of MagogThey are spoken of militarily as the "King of the North".  Together the Bible says that Russia and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.  So Bible Students expect to see Germany and France taking a greater role in leading Europe.  It is also interesting to see Germany taking greater control of a continent they tried to take by war and failed.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible. 

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