Russia and Europe Relations

Russia-Europe Relations Depend on Moscow Confronting the Past

By JUDY DEMPSEY   Published: June 24, 2021

A defining feature of Russia’s leadership is the refusal to deal with the country’s Stalinist past. Until the Kremlin stops whitewashing history, a politically stable relationship between Europe and Russia cannot exist.

Russia and Europe Relations

To mark the eightieth anniversary of Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote a commentary in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

Putin’s commentary is an attempt to woo Germany back to its once-cozy relationship with Russia, blame NATO expansion eastward for undermining European security, and point the finger at the United States for the “armed coup” in Ukraine in 2014.

With a German audience in mind—and especially with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron now anxious to reset EU relations with Russia—Putin presses all the right buttons.

He praises how West Germany “concluded the deal of the century” by agreeing to a long-term gas deal with the Soviet Union back in 1970. It was, he wrote, the foundation for “constructive interdependence” despite serious misgivings and criticism by the United States.

The controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline that brings Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea is a continuity of that interdependence, which U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized during his talks with Merkel in Berlin on June 23.

As for NATO, Putin lashes out at the U.S.-led military organization for expanding to Eastern and Central Europe during the late 1990s and onward.

“Many countries were put before the artificial choice of being either with the collective West or with Russia. In fact, it was an ultimatum,” Putin wrote. Actually, these countries that were once under the Soviet yolk weren’t forced to join NATO. They chose to apply because they wanted security. They didn’t trust post-1989 Russia.

And finally, Putin repeats an old plea that plays into the hands of those who want to end the transatlantic relationship and the NATO security umbrella.

Putin’s oft-repeated version of a Europe whole, free, and united is one based on creating a “common space of cooperation and security from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.” It would “comprise various integration formats,” including the European Union and the Moscow-initiated Eurasian Economic Union.

Putin’s words chime well with many German Social Democrats who still yearn for Ostpolitik. This policy, devised during the 1970s, was aimed at stabilizing relations between West Germany and Moscow through economic, energy, and political ties. It was hoped that Russia would somehow become integrated into Europe.

What we see here yet again is the desire for alignment between the EU and Russia.  Bible Prophecy reveals that the EU will become a SUPERSTATE with a dominant FEDERAL GOVERNMENT described in the Bible as a Beast System due to its amalgamation of different countries and peoples into one State with one Voice and their own ARMY.  BUT ALONG WITH THIS development RUSSIA WILL BECOME INVOLVED WITH EUROPE AND IT’S EU ARMY.  WHY? BECAUSE BIBLE PROPHECY SAYS THAT RUSSIA WILL BECOME A “GUARD” UNTO EUROPE (Ezekiel 38:7).  So how will this unfold, well America and its future political moves with Europe will have a lot to do with how this happens.  We would expect America’s relationship with Europe to weaken and Russia’s to become increasingly stronger.

So WATCH this development as it is a sure sign that we are living in the last days before Christ’s Return.

This EU SUPERSTATE will along with Russia enter into a final conflict with Israel and the Middle East.  Germany is the key country in what Bible Prophecy refers to as the land of “Magog”. They are spoken of militarily as the “King of the North”.  Together the Bible says that Russia and the EU will invade the Middle East in the Last Days.  So Bible Students expect to see Germany and France taking a greater role in leading Europe.  It is also interesting to see Germany taking greater control of a continent they tried to take by war and failed.

Yet again we see in Todays News Headlines words that show how the Nations are fulfilling the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible.

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