God’s Purpose:To populate the earth with an immortal people who love and care for each other with no hate, envy or sin of any kind.This will be a time for all to live happy lives enjoying good friends, “a feast of fat things, a feast of wine on the lees.” GOD HAS OFFERED US LIFE OR DEATH – WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?  Click here to learn about GOD’S TRUE PURPOSE

Getting to Know God

Getting to Know God

God has a purpose with all His creation and wants all people everywhere to be a part of this, but first you need to know the Truth of this as it is revealed in the Bible…

World Events in Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy and World Events

Bible Prophecy provides us with irrefutable proof that a Supreme Being who knows the End from the Beginning Exists.


God’s Kingdom Temple on Earth

What will God’s Kingdom be like?

You would like to be a part of God’s purpose… But would like to know more about this so that you can make a positive and active decision to participate….

The latest world news in Bible Prophecy

For even more about Bible Prophecy in current world events go to www.bibleinthenews.com

Russia and Europe Relations

Russia-Europe Relations Depend on Moscow Confronting the Past

Russia-Europe Relations Depend on Moscow Confronting the Past By JUDY…
Bible in the News


BIBLE IN THE NEWS The Value of Bible Prophecy The reasons…