God’s Purpose:To populate the earth with an immortal people who love and care for each other with no hate, envy or sin of any kind.This will be a time for all to live happy lives enjoying good friends, “a feast of fat things, a feast of wine on the lees.” GOD HAS OFFERED US LIFE OR DEATH – WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?  Click here to learn about GOD’S TRUE PURPOSE 

This website is dediciated to teaching Bible Truth about God and His TRUE Purpose with Mankind.

World events are following Bible Prophecy spoken 2000-3000yrs ago so that all True Bible Believers can well see that we are indeed living in what the Bible describes as the ‘Last Days’, whether mankind believes it or not Christ will Return to Establish God’s Everlasting Kingdom on this Earth! CHRIST IS COMING SOON!

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At the end of the day, your personal salvation and that of your family will depend on whether you understand Bible Truth or not.


Christianity today is full of various teachings that do not all agree, yet we have ONE BIBLE, so why is this so?

Well, the short answer is that Christianity was corrupted by the Holy Roman Empire that Constantine established to champion the Christian cause sweeping the world at the time in order to overthrow the pagan Roman Empire which he succeeded in doing around 324AD.

However, in order to establish his power with a more centrist following, he merged Christianity with Pagan festivals eg. Christmas December 25th to celebrate Christ’s birthday even though Christ was born in July, whereas history reveals that it was Nimrod that was born on this date. Then we have Easter which falls each year at the time of a full moon, but if this is celebrating Christ’s death what has it got to do with a full moon and easter bunnies and easter eggs etc…

These are all part of the worship of the goddess of fertility the goddess Aphrodite, Ceres, with its origins with Semiramis the wife of Nimrod.

The end result of this is that today the teachings of Christianity are mixed with pagan myths and legends to the point that it no longer teaches the Truth of God’s Purpose.

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